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Mr. Peter Tse


Software Engineer 軟件工程師

謝先生畢業於香港科技大學計算機科學系,畢業後從事過IT技術支援職位,為跨國企業及公營機構的眾多用戶提供過IT技術支援服務。每家公司超過150名用戶。 謝先生也曾從事系統升級項目的職位、以及開發網頁,包括開發網頁後台操作的程序員職位, 當中開發過數據存放、提取數據、以圖表展示數據的網頁。他樂意運用大學所學的知識,發揮所長。

Mr Tse graduated from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology majoring in Computer Science. After graduation he once worked as IT Support in multinational company and government organisation, provided technical support service to 150+ users in every company. He also once worked for a system upgrade project, and once worked as a programmer to develop web pages, including their backend operations, saving data, extracting data, displaying data using graphs. He is willing to contribute using the knowledge from university time.

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